Health. Safety. Environment.

Protection of the environment and the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and their employees is and will continue to be of the utmost importance to Climax Bit & Tool Corp.

Climax Bit & Tool Corp. shall, through its employees, contractors and their employees at every level, be responsible and accountable for maintaining a safe and environmentally secure workplace.

Employees, contractors and their employees, and all others engaged by Climax Bit & Tool Corp., share the responsibility to work in a manner that will secure and safeguard themselves, their fellow workers, the public and the environment.

Safety and security will be accomplished by complying with all applicable Provincial and Federal Acts and regulations. In the absence of regulatory requirements, sound practices will be applied to protect the environment and ensure employee and public safety.

Through personal commitment, active participation and proper training on equipment and procedures, a safe, secure and environmentally sound workplace will be realized.

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